My name is Tim Huntley, and I live in Orange County North Carolina with my wife Jenny, and our twin sons, Evan and Neil.  Our home is on a mostly wooded ten acres, with approximately one acre under cultivation, one more acre as pasture, and a small pond.  My time used to be spent in the world of technology as the CEO of Ganymede Software, a network management company that was acquired by NetIQ in 2000.  Happily, I am now spending my days working on our farm, growing vegetables, tending to our chickens, bees, and two cows, and pursuing an interest in food and nutrition.  Our experiences include many triumphs as well as failures.  From working with clay soil that had no organic matter, to overcoming eight years of misplaced vegetarianism, my intent is to chronicle what I have learned and am still learning.

Welcome to Soil to Sustenance.