New Addition on the Farm

We have a new addition on the farm this afternoon.  Penny gave birth to a healthy baby bull calf (tentatively named Bruno).  What is so amazing to me is that less than three hours after being born, this baby can RUN.  Humans are complete underachievers.

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8 responses to “New Addition on the Farm

  1. congratulations!

  2. Wow! Way to go, Penny! He is beautiful. Congratulations to you all!
    :) Kristin

  3. Sweet! Are you going to sign him up for any crossfit activities?!

  4. Does he get to hang around awhile or will you sell him now?

  5. Hey Steve, He will be around for at least 3 or 4 months.

  6. Joe Whitehead

    Yeah, well cows and bulls don’t generally live to see TREEs grow old. Of course, some trees get to experience ice ages coming and going so even we don’t much longevity. ;)

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