More Validation

Last week I entered another sprint race held by the Carolina Godiva Track Club (this time the 100m vs. the 200m I ran last week).  My goal was to break 15 seconds, and I did so, but barely, coming in at 14.8 seconds.  However, just like my result with 200m, I am thrilled as it is more validation that my sub-60 second 400m goal (sometime mid-to-late next year) is actually possible.

One of the things I like most about the Carolina Godiva Track Club is the diverse nature of the group.  There are men and women of all ages and abilities giving 100% effort each time they race.  My inspiration from last week came from a wonderful 66 year old man, Bobbie Perry.  Mr. Perry had recently competed in the USA Masters Track and Field Championships, taking a bronze medal in the 800m.  Last week he ran the 100m in 14.3 seconds (WOW).

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2 responses to “More Validation

  1. All I have to contribute is this: Rock On Dude!

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