Two Steps Forward

As you may recall, I have set a goal to run a sub-60 second 400m dash before the end of 2012.  Ideally, I would focus most of my training on the track, but my workouts at CrossFit Local have made me painfully aware that I must improve my overall strength and conditioning before I can make the speed gains I need.  Even though I knew this to be true, I wondered if concentrating exclusively on CrossFit was helping, and my curiosity got the best of me.

This past Wednesday evening, I went over to the UNC track to participate in weekly races held by the Carolina Godiva Track Club and entered the 200m dash.  About two months ago I ran a previous personal best of 32.6 seconds, and while I didn’t feel like the race this week was great (I decelerated quickly near the end), I was able to improve my time by 2 full seconds to 30.57. 

For the first time since I started planning/training for a sub-60 second 400m run, I REALLY believe that my chances to achieve my goal are BETTER than 50/50, provided that I continue to put in solid work.

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2 responses to “Two Steps Forward

  1. Way to go Tim! It’s a process, though – take it as a positive step forward but expect some setbacks along the way. The great thing is that you have time on your side and have researched how to get there Use the tools at your disposal, do both the right amount of volume and intensity, and you’re there. Believe in the process.

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